Credit Card Loans

Though a risky proposition, credit card loans provide an option at a time when you do not have enough capital to invest. Due to the short notice, it is virtually impossible for someone to apply for any short-term loan (for a personal loan the bank will charge an exorbitant interest rate); credit cards offer a simple and fast option in such cases. But utmost prudence is required if you want to opt for a loan, if your decision to invest takes a downturn, debt repayment would become a virtual impossibility.

Many banks today offer loans, especially if you have decent credit ratings and a card that already has a considerable credit limit. In this case the bank(s) or credit card firms would mail these offers to its card holders attached with some blank checks. Generally the interest charges on these loans may vary anywhere between 0% for 12-18 months or ranging between 3.99 to 4.99% for the entire life of loan.

Different firms would provide different loan options with respect to the loan fees and the terms and conditions of the credit card loan. Make sure that while taking this loan, you first do a complete check and read fine print of the offer to ensure that it’s the best deal in terms of the loan offer.

It is important to note that credit card loans should be taken only for a short term, till you have received enough liquid capital from your other investments that you would be able to pay back this loan before the term of the credit card expires. In case you have opted for the 12-18 months loan offer (0%) and haven’t paid it back by 18 months, the current interest charges on the loan would apply to your loan as well.

Credit card loans generally offer funds at low interest for making further investments. But before you apply for this loan, find out all the possible details of the contract you are about to sign. After all the age old saying ‘prevention is better than a cure’ holds relevance.

4 Critical Steps to a Successful Event!

Hosting (and attending) LIVE events are one of the best ways to grow your business. Yet, many of you continue to hide behind your computers, tucked away in your offices, ‘hoping and wishing’ for business to come your way.

It just doesn’t happen that way folks. I want to focus on the aspect of YOU hosting your own live event.

I recognize that many entrepreneurs don’t do this and it’s typically because they don’t know how, or even where to begin. (All the more reason you should be working with a business coach!) Entrepreneurs really do love attending live events. It is one of the best ways to network, learn from people who have ‘been there, done that’ and who are sharing their success strategies, have fun, work ON your business rather than getting stuck IN your business, develop new relationships and so much more.

Well, there are all those reasons and MORE as to why you should be hosting your own live event. But I know, from personal experience, that there is much more behind the scenes to pulling off a successful event than any of you can imagine.

Let me give you 4 of the most critical steps to hosting a live event that will help to get you started, at least. Because, at some point, this is one thing you are really going to want to do.

STEP #1 – KNOW YOUR WHY. Just scheduling a live event without knowing your WHY is stupid. Get anchored in the reason and rationale for doing this – and then develop your theme and your vision. Get really clear on what it is going to be about and for whom. This becomes your foundation. ‘Bright Shiny Object (BSO)” syndrome can really become a distraction when you decide to host a live event. Don’t go there. Get very clear on the why, the theme, the vision – and keep your eye on that at all times.

Planning day with Denise

STEP #2 – CREATE A PLAN. The plan should be created at least 8-10 months out (especially for a 3-day event). If you’ve never hosted a live event before, start out with a one-day experience. Get your feet wet. Learn some of the critical do’s and do not’s of a live event because, as I mentioned above, there is SO MUCH that goes on behind the scenes to position you to run/host a flawless presentation to a room full of people. The plan should incorporate everything from:

– The date

– The place (city, venue)

– The times

– The audience (who do you want there, how will you get them there, where will you do your promotions)

– Your content (what will you teach and in what way)

– Your sponsors (if applicable)

– The pricing

– The offer

– The follow-up

STEP #3 – GET A TEAM TOGETHER. Hosting a live event takes a village. It really does. Even when I started hosting one-day events a few years ago, it takes a team to support you in every piece of what needs to happen. And now, with my major 3-day events, there are a lot of people on my team, including:

– My own team

– My event management team (who handle everything from site location to contract negotiation to on-site management, etc.)

– An a/v team

– My graphics person

– My web designer (the event page is a separate creation unto itself)

– My own business coach who guides me every step of the way

– My lawyer

– My insurance agent

To name just the key players! To have this kind of team assembled enables me to focus on what I need to do best – create and deliver amazing content!

STEP #4 – HAVE A BUDGET. When I hosted my first one-day event a few years ago, I had no idea how to put it all together – let alone the key piece which was ‘the offer’ that would be made at the end of the day, creating the opportunity for the audience to go to the next step. When you have the right people in the audience at the right time in the right place, it all comes together beautifully – when you are prepared and know what you are doing! Thank goodness for my business coach who guided me on this – positioning me to generate $32,000 of revenue at that first one-day event. For my 3-day events, the budget (expenses AND revenue) have grown significantly. You must plan your budget for every little detail and, believe me, it adds up quickly. (Do you have ANY idea how much that cup of coffee at a hotel venue costs? Let alone the audio visual equipment? Etc. etc. etc. etc.) You must have a coach guide you on this or you could, quite frankly, lose your shirt! Many entrepreneurs have – and I don’t want that for you.

Live events are a blast. I love hosting them. I love delivering great content. And they are also a LOT of work. Pre-planning is critical.

Credit Cards Loans Can Help With Your Debts

It is something that you hear about frequently. A person gets their very first credit card, or maybe a couple of them, and in no time at all they go wild on shopping sprees and start spending their “plastic money” like crazy. Then, in short order, those bills start mounting and the monthly payments get to be more than they can deal with.

And, if they end up being late or missing a payment, then they will discover that their interest rats have doubled or even tripled from where they started and the financial woes really hit. When these situations happen, credit cards loans can be a godsend and a good way to turn things around.

Such a loan has helped thousands upon thousands of people to get untangled from the web of credit card debt that they can so easily get themselves into, and start to take control of their finances again. These loans can help people cut years and years from the time it would take them to pay off their credit cards debt and mounting interest that gets added to their balance every month, especially if they have gotten themselves into the predicament of only being able to pay the minimum credit card payment due each month.

The idea behind credit cards loans is to take all of the balances from the various credit cards that a person has and pay them all off with a loan that has an interest rate that is fixed and typically much lower than the interest rates on even the best credit cards in the industry. This consolidates the debt into one loan so the borrower only has to make one payment a month, rather than juggling two, three, four or more payments to different credit card companies every month.

Such a loan is also a very effective way of helping people to better budget their money by having a monthly payment that is fixed. And, because the loans for credit cards debt consolidation carry a lower interest rate, the result will not only be a shorter payoff period but a lower monthly payment than what was being paid to the various credit card companies each month. This can really help people to get off the slippery slope of increasing debt and start to get a firm financial footing that can serve them well for many years in the future.

However, a credit cards loan can be dangerous if people have not learned their financial lessons and have learned how to budget and control their spending. Those who decide to pay off their credit cards with a consolidation loan should close out all of their accounts and learn to live on cash, or at the most, keep just one credit card that has the best interest rate and hold it in reserve to be used only in the case of emergencies.

Without taking these important steps, people can soon find themselves with mounting credit cards debt again and they may not have the option of taking out any more credit cards loans if their debt-to-income ratio has gotten too high. Because of this, is it a good idea to also seek out some financial counseling and create and adhere to a strict budget that will help pave the way toward financial stability.

How Can You Fight Back and End the Credit Card Loans?

In this world the people have to live with a few principles of life which come in use in every aspect of life. Just like this, one of the principles of life is the survival of the fittest. If we go into debt we can see that the companies that are still surviving and are the best and most stable have given a test of time. They have waited for the right time to come. Many of the large companies that seemed very strong collapsed in a very sort passage of time as they could not fight back hard enough with the situation that was created around them. Many of the people had to face bankruptcy just so that they could get rid of the loans that they had taken. This was an easy way out but there are a lot of negative impacts of announcing bankruptcy for future business loans. With the introduction of debt relief option, those who want to survive can now finally fight back and finish their credit card loans.

To do this it requires a lot of patience to resolve. The people that want to finish their credit card loans have a good chance now. The credit card debt relief is one big chance through which they can fight and finish their credit card loans. The people who have a loan of over $10,000 can easily approach their creditor and as for a settlement with the help of credit card debt relief program.

This whole process is not as easy as it sounds. This requires some expert advice and their assistance. Almost 25% of the defaulter’s attempted to negotiate themselves but the success rate was very disappointing as compared to those defaulters who took the help of debt relief companies. Those people successfully finished a large amount of their credit card loans.

The method that has been preferred is to find a reliable and good relief network that has an excellent record of companies providing debt relief services. These networks sometimes also provide people with free counseling that helps an individual to understand their problems and the suitable cure to the remedy. With all this information an individual can find suitable firms that can help them to finish their credit card loans.

If an individual wants to fight back, the individual will have to prove their past record to be spotless again. This is a very important step that has to be taken by the person because the future of an individual always depends on their past record. If the individual has been paying all their bills in the past before the recession then they have a chance of better margin of relief with a good payback package.

Credit Card Loan Consolidation – The Advantages

When you find yourself drowning in several credit card bills because of all the interest charges on the principal amounts, then maybe it is time to consider availing of Credit Card Loan Consolidation. Debt consolidation basically means that you will merge all your credit card debts into one loan that will cover a single interest rate and single monthly payments. This is ideal for those with multiple credit cards and debts that they want to get rid of.

There are several advantages to credit card loan consolidation. First, it prevents you from filing for bankruptcy and ruining your credit history. Second, by consolidating your card debts, you get to pay a lower monthly payment on one account and you can avail of a lower interest rate on that account as well. Third, you can start rebuilding your credit history and score by taking on a single loan to cover all your credit card debts. This way you can close old delinquent accounts and start anew. Fourth, you only have to handle one single account instead of several which also means no more late charges and other fees.

Debt consolidation can be done by getting a personal loan to cover the lump amount that all your credit and store card bills add up to. You may also use your home as security to get a loan to pay off your lump sum. You can also opt for a debt transfer from your other banks into one bank that will take in all your debts into one account that you can pay off. Or you could approach a professional debt consolidator who can help you with your problem by finding you the best deals in debt consolidation programs.

Credit Card Loan Consolidation

Credit cards are used to obtain fast cash at a time when individuals do not have the requisite amount of cash with them for making a purchase. However, nowadays people seem to make use of these cards unnecessarily and then default in paying it off. This eventually leads to mounting debts. You are then left with a situation of debts more than you are used to and having no cash flow to pay them off. Herein is the necessity of credit card loan consolidation.

There are various factors, which come into play while taking a loan against credit card debts. One must always seek out a reputable company, who would grant them debt based on their reputation. We can use the loans for paying off the loans that were a burden upon us for a long time and repay the same at lower interest rates.

If a person has a number of credit cards against their name, then it is natural that the number of credit bills payable at the end of the month would be higher. In such circumstances, it gets harder and harder to pay the bills. This leads to piling up of debts. There will be a time when the overall amount including the principle will surpass the payable proportions. This situation will lead you to tackle harassing phone calls from your lenders. Again, your credit score will also receive a huge dent in the process.

Credit card loan consolidation allows you to remove your worries of paying several financial organizations and their varying interest rates. Now, only one firm with a stable rate of interest and a manageable repayment scheme is on your helm. Even, harassing phone calls can be avoided in this process.

Another advantage with credit card loan consolidation is that they give you a chance to have a fresh negotiation on the interest rates. There are chances that the rates will be lower than the ones, which you are paying on your present debts.

There are websites providing valued information and related material on the features of consolidating credit card loans. Even, they help you to compare offers from different firms and help you in making your decision. Again, you can make an application through them making it an easier and hassle-free process.

The Essential Elements of Mobile Marketing

A mobile marketing agency has a tall order. They must customize your brand and marketing plan to a new form of constantly changing technology in order to maximize exposure and sales. With the ever increasing popularity of smart devices with internet connectivity, more people use their smartphones or tablets to access sites they like, search for things they need, and conduct daily business. If your marketing plan doesn’t take these customers into account, you are likely losing business opportunities. While some options seem intuitive, it can be a difficult task to handle, without the benefit of experience. Here are a few essential elements of any mobile marketing plan. They all are based on creating the best user experience possible.

Usable design

Keep in mind that the mobile user has a smaller screen that is less easy to navigate than a traditional desktop computer view. A mobile marketing agency can help you think about options, like how close links and buttons are placed to each other. It can be frustrating for a customer to try to click one and bump another by accident. Also, think of how they access the information. Often, they are on the go, using their device in less than idea scenarios. They might be riding public transit, sitting outside in a sunny area, or standing in line somewhere. The words need to be large enough to see, the layout easy enough to view in varying light, and the content brief enough to read quickly.

Fast-loading pages

One of the biggest reasons for a customer to avoid your website while on their mobile device is slow-loading pages. While snappy high-resolution graphics look great while the customer is on their computer at work or at home, when they are in a hurry to find what they need on their phone, they don’t think that high-end video that won’t let the page load is so great. A mobile marketing agency knows that time is money for everyone. If you waste your customer’s time, you won’t likely get their business. They will close the window and find another option that loads more quickly.

Helpful tools

Take a step back and see what your customers really need. Consider how they use your services or products. Try to find a way to improve their experience while interacting with you or during their daily routines. Of course, it should be something in line with your business. A travel agency might create an app that tracks discounted flights. A pharmacy might create an app that helps manage prescriptions. These things not only provide a valuable service for the customer, but they also establish the company as a good resource and expert in their field.

Proper exposure

Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. A mobile marketing agency can help you build a plan to make your mobile tools and solutions known. If you created an amazing app to help with a tedious task, then let your customers know about it. Cross-promote it through every other marketing channel with banners on your website, a blurb in your printed collateral, and a mention in your radio spot. People on the go will see or hear the mention, and instantly click or search to find you.

Secured Credit Card Loan

If you’re in the market to find a secured credit card, you’re probably looking for other options in regards to loans as well. While some people are looking for loans, others are looking for credit rebuilding, and while you’re not going to be able to get a loan with a credit card, I’m going to tell you why, when it comes to terms with a secured card.

A secured card isn’t like most credit cards. The reason why is that the banks are going to ask for a deposit, since you’re at risk. When you’re at risk, the banks don’t want to just lend you money, but instead, they want to have some sort of collateral. If you give them a bigger deposit like $500, etc, this will then become your credit limit.

As with a loan, you’ll find that the banks will just give you the money without asking for collateral. Now, by now you’ll probably understand why you can’t get a loan with a secured credit card. Unless, you have a great credit score, you won’t even need to go down this road. What I recommend when it comes down to applying for a secured credit card is that you look at all of the options out there, and make sure that you find one that works for you.

How to Create Viral Marketing Campaigns

Everyone wants their next campaign to go viral. If you ask the people who experience a frenzy over their content on a regular basis, they’ll assure you it’s not that difficult. Fortunately, there is a lot information available to people who want to know what it takes to have the next hot topic.

Viral content typically includes most, if not all, of the following criteria:

A positive message

As a whole, people encounter negative situations on a daily basis. When people come across something positive or uplifting, they’re more likely to pass it on to people they know to spread the joy. Good-natured content gets more attention than negative or offensive material.

The evocation of high-arousal emotions

Research done by Jonah Berger suggested that the seven following emotions evoke primal, high-arousal emotions in people and, when targeted, aid in the rapid exposure of information: anger, anxiety, awe, fear, lust, joy, and surprise. Because these emotions are universally shared and elicit a physically emotional reaction, content that appeals to them has the highest response rate. The trick, however, is to target one emotion at a time. A video might appeal to both the awe and joy in a person, but it will do so in precise, deliberate ways so that each emotion occurs in full effect.

Useful and/or valuable subject matter

Content is more likely to be shared to mass audiences if it affords viewer value of some sort. Whether it includes business tips, life lessons, or a high-demand how to, people will latch on to information that can bring both themselves and their peers practical value.

Before creating a campaign, advertisers should ask themselves the following questions:

– Who is my audience?

– What do they care about?

– What can I show them?

– What do I want viewers to experience?

– How will I motivate viewers to share?

Once those questions have solid, founded answers, the next step is to translate an otherwise-normal marketing campaign into viral content. Here are some helpful hints:

Collaborate with publishers. Find out what they want to post, allow them to contribute to the content you’re providing, base your content off of your own or their exclusive research, don’t share someone else’s research.

Give people breaking news. Share the latest medical breakthrough, the hottest retail product on the market, exclusive video footage of the most recent natural disaster. The content needs to be fresh and relevant to viewers for them to take interest.

Include visuals. People are 80% more likely to respond to content with visuals than those without.

Ego-bait. Allure to an exclusive audience. People living in a concentrated area. A specific age group, religious group, etc. the more targeted and the more you appeal to something that only involved this group, the higher the response rate.

Create a viral loop. Create content that other people will create unique content around. Your original content will be the foundation but they’ll include their own comment, take, etc.

Last but not least, remember these rules of thumb when running any online campaign:

Campaigns must be optimized for all traffic types. With mobile traffic steadily taking offer traditional media channels, all advertisements need to open properly and look appealing, no matter where a customer might see them.

Use the same amount on creating content as pushing it. Most people put all of their time into design and forget to spend an equal amount of time showing off their hard work.

Review old posts to see what did and didn’t work. The results may surprise you. Something that required more time and resources may not perform as well as something that took little effort but had wide consumer appeal.

Post things that will be relevant for a long time – think weeks, months, years ahead. Will people still care about this?

Post at 9am and 12pm EST. The basis behind this time window is that people on the East Coast are just getting to work while those out West are just getting up. Both are checking phones, emails, internet, etc. At noon, East Coasters are eating lunch and West Coasters are settling into their offices, but not quite ready to start the day. Again, both demographics are likely to be checking mobile and desktop devices for entertainment, retail and informational reasons.

Credit Card Loan Application – Your Options

While looking for help to pay up your debt you need to know how to go about it. The first indication that you need help is when your income becomes inadequate to cover your credit card bills.

To even out this difference you can opt to take a loan in order to pay your creditors. You can make a credit card loan application to overcome the financial crunch.

How To Do It.

When you feel that you need to take this sort of a loan, the first thing to do is to consult a debt consolidation advisor. Many companies provide free consultation. They will give you a quote on their interest with knowing just your status with your creditors. They will not ask you for account details and the like at this stage.

They will tell you whether it is alright to take the loan and whether your costs will really become lower by taking the loan.

After that you may make a credit card loan application which you allow you to go through with the transactions.

What To Keep In Mind.

When seeking a credit card loan application you need to keep some things in mind that. This will help you to make the best use of this service.

– Make sure that the company you are consulting is registered and not trying to get money out of you.
– See that the payment plan costs you less than what it would have cost you if you had stuck to paying all your creditors individually.
– Do your own research and see which company or agency will give you the best deal and repayment plan.
– Make sure that all your transactions are transparent and that you are sure of how the system works.